ISTA 2016

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The theme of the 15th session of ISTA is: "The Actor's Know-How: Personal Paths, Techniques and Visions".

Masters from different theatre and dance traditions, in collaboration with Eugenio Barba, will introduce the participants to the pre-expressive level of their styles, i.e.,the level of scenic presence. The technical principles which govern the craft of an actor/dancer are never present in a pure state, but always appear in the guise of a style. When the guises belong to styles and traditions which are foreign to us, there is the danger that these principles can remain hidden from us because of the strangeness of the form which contains them. When the guises are familiar to us, it is this very familiarity which weakens our attention. An actor/dancer's first days of apprenticeship are decisive. It is on this threshold that the principles of scenic presence meet.

In the 15th session of ISTA, theatre and dance masters from different traditions will go through the first steps of their apprenticeship. In the course of the day they will exemplify, through demonstrations and practical work, how they learned and personalised their specific technique. The participants will have the opportunity to experience the "first day" while becoming aware of the principles which give life to the physical/mental know-how of an actor/dancer.

The partecipation to this event is reserved to 50 students, among which stage directors, theatre scholars and anthropologues coming from different parts of the world.

As a complement to the close part of the ISTA event, masters willl perform in spectacles open to the public:

  • “The Chronic Life” last production of Odin Teatret, Danmark
  • “YASHIMA” with Keiin Yoshimura and So Sugimura, Japan
  • “Mahajan Padwith Parvathy Baul, India